Gurman: watchOS 10 to Bring ‘Notable changes’ to Apple Watch user Interface

watchOS 10 changes to Apple Watch user Interface

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman writes in the most recent issue of his Power On newsletter that the upcoming major watchOS release, watchOS 10, is expected to include substantial changes, including noteworthy UI improvements.

At WWDC in June, watchOS 10 will be formally revealed. Apple announced this week that its new operating system statements will take place at the conference, which will begin on June 5 and feature the introduction of the company’s first mixed-reality headset.

In recent years, watchOS’s architecture hasn’t undergone much change. Iterative improvements have been made to features like exercise tracking and a few new watch faces in recent releases over the past few years.

For owners of Apple Watches, Gurman’s prediction that this year will be different is a thrilling one. A comparatively unimportant year for hardware will contrast with the more significant software update. As originally stated by Gurman, iOS 17 will include a few nice-to-have features. The first Apple Watch with a micro-LED display is anticipated to debut next year as part of a larger hardware upgrade to the device.

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