RapidWeaver Classic Website Builder Updated to Version 9

RapidWeaver Updated to Version 9

According to a blog post by Realmac Software, the bump to version 9.0 is to avoid confusion between older versions of RapidWeaver and the new RapidWeaver Classic. Users are still seeing significant improvements with this latest update.

Here’s a rundown of some of the new features in RapidWeaver Classic 9.0:

  • When multiple% footer% tags are used, the email address is incorrectly set. This is fixed.
  • Fixes an issue with the RSS feed of the Blog plugin in which the URL lacked a forward slash.
  • DevAnt License Framework has been updated
  • Other minor code enhancements to keep things running smoothly

Anyone can easily create a website with RapidWeaver’s user-friendly tools. The app includes over 50 built-in themes, a device simulator, addons, and much more to assist users in creating their websites. RapidWeaver users can also access numerous tutorials and extensive documentation.

In addition, for users who haven’t yet upgraded to RapidWeaver Classic, the company highlights several features that are available in this version of the app. These include the ability to switch between Dark and Light modes, the ability to select PHP 7 or PHP 8, improved icons, support for macOS Ventura, and more.

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