Due to Price Disparity, Apple is Unlikely to Replace its iPad Mini Line with a Foldable Model

Since they have been around for a while, foldable smartphones have not yet met the affordability requirement for consumers. It is safe to assume that Apple might have to raise its prices if it develops a comparable product, which also means that it won’t be disposed to replace its iPad mini range if a foldable version manifests.

According to one analyst, Apple will likely keep selling its non-foldable tablets with smaller screens because of this. In 2025, Apple is rumored to release the first foldable iPad, and it might come with a hefty price tag. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that a foldable iPad will debut in 2025, but he hasn’t said anything about its specifications, design, or folding mechanism.

He does say that the device won’t take the place of the iPad Mini because there would be a huge price difference between the two, which could influence a consumer’s purchase decision and hurt annual sales. The precise date that Apple intends to introduce the first foldable iPad is still unknown. In a previous statement, Samsung said that the company would enter this market in 2024, beginning with an iPad rather than an iPhone.

Even with the foldable iPhone, a different analyst named Ben Wood from CCS Insight claimed that if Apple goes ahead with a launch, it will need to have a price of $2,500 so it does not compete with sales of the company’s conventionally shaped iPhones.

Wood agrees with Kuo in this regard, so it is likely that both the iPad mini and the foldable iPad will be offered in this market and will be priced differently. When foldable technology has sufficiently developed over the course of a few years, Apple may eventually decide to take a different direction with its tablet lineup.

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