In iOS 16.2, Apple Describes What to Do If You Have Problems Accessing a Home

iOS 16.2

What to do if you can’t access a home or accept an invitation in the Home app is outlined in a support document that Apple released today to assist those who are having problems with HomeKit.

Apple advises users to select the Remove Home option for any listed homes that do not have accessories on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 16.2 or ipads 16.2, respectively. If the invited user has a residence with accessories, assistance must be sought from Apple support.

The devices of the invited user and the home owner, as well as all Apple TV and Home Pod devices in the house, need to be restarted if there is a home that has no accessories listed after it has been removed from the Home app.

Following that, the home owner must cancel any invitations already sent to the invited user before inviting them again to share control of the property. An invitation to enter a home must be accepted by the invited user within three hours, after which the invitation expires.

Apple’s directives arrive just one day after the removal of the new Home architecture that was included in iOS 16.2. Because of numerous bugs that users have reported with the update, Apple is currently not allowing users to upgrade to the architecture.

HomeKit devices going missing, HomeKit Secure Video malfunctioning, and invitations to share the home with other users are just a few of the problems with the architecture update that are addressed in the support document.

Apple states in a different support document that the new Home architecture has been temporarily removed but will be reintroduced at a later time.

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