Alexa Helps Siri in MKBHD Smartphone Voice Assistant Test 

Siri mkbhd test

According to MKBHD, Siri isn’t the worst voice assistant available on phones right now. Marques Brownlee’s most recent video compares Siri to its rivals in a four-way test to see how voice assistants will fare in 2022.

Siri’s primary domain on the iPhone has a one-timer mind in 2022. Siri is capable of managing multiple timers on the HomePod and even the Apple Watch. Does the math… no one has ever said. Google Assistant makes it easy to control multiple timers with voice commands on a smartphone. Exactly right!

The test indicates that Siri and Google Assistant are competitive in terms of speed, though Siri and Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant lag behind Assistant and Alexa more frequently.

When asked a specific question, all four assistants perform exceptionally well when providing factual responses. The follow-up questions, however, are what trip up Alexa and Bixby the most. When it comes to having a conversation, Siri and Assistant are rivals. But according to MKBHD’s test, Assistant can retain the context for a longer period of time than Siri.

When it comes to controlling devices, Siri falls short as well. Both Google Assistant and Samsung’s Bixby have the ability to begin voice recordings and play a particular Netflix show. Siri seems to just open the appropriate apps without doing anything else.

The smallest of low-hanging fruit for Siri is adding support for multiple timers to iPhone. Objectively, Siri’s ability to comprehend questions in their context needs to be improved. Otherwise, Siri does well and is unquestionably best for users of Apple products.

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