Superhuman Launches AI-Powered Instant Replies

Superhuman Launches AI-Powered Instant Replies

The email application Superhuman, which is famous for its efficiency, is gearing up to introduce a revolutionary feature called “Instant Replies”. Developed in collaboration with OpenAI, this innovative addition is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and aims to make email communication more streamlined than ever before.

With Instant Replies, users will wake up to a fully drafted response for every incoming email, tailored to match their unique voice and tone. This personalized touch ensures seamless communication with just a few edits or even none at all.

Comparable to Gmail’s smart replies but with a more contextual and personal touch, Superhuman’s Instant Replies offers three carefully crafted response options for users to choose from. Once selected, the chosen reply is automatically completed into a full sentence, ready to send with a simple click.

During beta testing, users reported sending emails twice as fast with Instant Replies, showcasing its effectiveness in expediting communication. This feature is another step forward in Superhuman’s mission to help users achieve inbox zero with ease.

For existing Superhuman AI subscribers, Instant Replies will be gradually rolled out in the coming days. Don’t miss out on the chance to revolutionize your email workflow with Superhuman’s Instant Replies. Subscribe today for just $30 per month and experience the future of email communication firsthand.

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