Sealed Original iPhone Auction, will it Break the Record?

Sealed Original iPhone Auction

An original unopened iPhone, a working Apple-1 computer autographed by Steve Wozniak, a Steve Jobs signed ROM chip, a Steve Jobs penned and signed letter, Think Different posters, and much more are up for auction in a new lot.

RR Auction is now hosting a “Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution” auction with a variety of unique antiques up for bid.

After the sale of a sealed first-generation iPhone for a record-breaking $63,000 earlier this month, another sealed 8GB original iPhone is included in this auction. RR Auction estimates the final price at $20,000+, but because it looks exactly like the last one sold, it could attract a price closer to $60,000 or higher.

This one, however, comes from an Apple employee who has kept this unopened iPhone since they arrived home from work.

Apple iPhone, first version, unopened, model A1203, order MA712LL/A (8GB). The box depicts a life-size depiction of an iPhone with twelve icons on the screen, indicating that it is a 2007 model; a 13th icon, for iTunes, was added later in the year.

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