iOS 17 will add support for recurring payments to Apple Cash

iOS 17 support for recurring payments to Apple Cash

Today Apple releases a new press where we see details about new features coming to its various platforms later in the current year. The release reveals that Apple has mentioned new features for Apple Cash, stating that iOS 17 will add support for automatically adding money to the Apple Cash balance when it is low and for recurring payments.

Users can set up weekly, bimonthly, or monthly Apple Cash payments for specified contacts using the recurring payments option in Apple Cash. Parents might use this function to pay for allowances, while roommates might use it to pay for rent and other shared expenses..

Users of Apple Cash may set up weekly, bimonthly, or monthly payments, which makes it even simpler for parents to give out allowances and for people to reimburse friends and family for routinely shared expenses like rent.

This fall, Apple Cash will also get the option to refill your balance when it goes low. If you choose to use this function, it will transfer money from your bank account to Apple Cash so that you always have a balance.

As of right now, iOS 17 beta 1—which is accessible to developers—has this capability.

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