watchOS 10 brings automatic Night Mode to the Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra with watchOS 10's automatic Night Mode

WatchOS 10 introduces an exciting change for Apple Watch Ultra users with the addition of automatic Night Mode. According to 9to5Mac, this update brings significant enhancements to the user experience.

Apple Watch Ultra features the exclusive Wayfinder face, which displays location coordinates and elevation data using the dual-frequency GPS hardware. With watchOS 10, by spinning the crown switching between modes is also accomplished, while the new widget system utilizes this input method.

To avoid conflicts, Night Mode has been moved to the watch face customization options, instead of the crown accessed through summoning gestures. This change may result in fewer users utilizing Night Mode, but it also makes it more discoverable.

The standout feature of watchOS 10 for Apple Watch Ultra is the new Auto Night Mode. Leveraging the ambient light sensor, it automatically activates Night Mode when light levels are low, providing a more comfortable viewing experience without manual intervention.

While Auto Night Mode doesn’t address the limitation of only changing the watch face color, it demonstrates Apple’s commitment to improving Night Mode functionality. With watchOS 10, Apple Watch Ultra users can seamlessly transition between modes and enjoy optimized visibility in various lighting environments.

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