Apple is in Talks to Move Some iPad Production to India


As it seeks to reduce its reliance on China, Apple is reportedly considering shifting some iPad production to India. According to CNBC, Apple is in “ongoing discussions with officials” about manufacturing the iPad in India, but “no concrete plans have been made.”

Apple already assembles certain iPhone models in India, including the latest iPhone 14 and several older models that are still available. According to a Nikkei Asia report earlier this year. The iPad is currently manufactured primarily in China, with some production also taking place in Vietnam.

According to CNBC, India could be the next country to produce some iPad hardware:

According to two sources close to the Indian government, India is looking into bringing some of Apple’s iPad production from China to the country. The tech titan is said to be in ongoing talks with officials. There are no concrete plans, but if successful, it would expand Apple’s presence in the country.

However, sources warn that a scarcity of highly skilled talent and individuals with experience building highly complex devices. The foreign policy backdrop does not help either, with tensions between India and China rising. In recent years, the two countries have clashed over territorial disputes, resulting in increased military presence along the India-China border.

Aside from supply chain concerns, Apple’s overall relationship with China is being scrutinized. The company was chastised for restricting AirDrop functionality in the country after protesters used the tool. It is to share information critical of the local government. If Apple wasn’t so reliant on China for production, it might be more willing to resist such demands.

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