Adobe Stock will Sell Images Created with the Help of Artificial Intelligence

Adobe Stock

The sale of images produced with the aid of generative artificial intelligence programs like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E is now possible thanks to an announcement from Adobe today. New rules for submitting illustrations created with generative AI have been established by Adobe Stock, a global marketplace with more than 320 million creative assets, allowing users to further develop their creative works. 

Early developments in generative AI have led to concerns about its proper application. Adobe has given careful thought to these issues and implemented a new submission policy that, in our opinion, will ensure that both content creators and users of our services responsibly use AI technology.

The legitimacy and legality of stock images produced by AI are hotly contested issues in the art and design world. And rival sites like Getty Images outright prohibit the sale of AI-generated graphics out of concern for copyright infringement.

Any submissions to Adobe Stock made with generative AI’s help must adhere to Adobe’s rules and be appropriately labeled:

In order to develop imagery more quickly by using words, sketches, and gestures, generative AI uses incredible power. This represents a significant advance for creators. Contributors to Adobe Stock are using AI tools and technologies to expand their creativity, and diversify their portfolios. These submissions must now adhere to our rules for AI-generated content, particularly the requirement that contributors label their contributions.

The company announced at this year’s Adobe MAX conference that it has been experimenting with generative AI. As it intends to eventually integrate the technology into its Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop.

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