Spotify and Google are Finally Implementing user-Choice Billing

Spotify collaborated with Google to launch User Choice Billing in March of this year. This meant that users would no longer have to pay Spotify through Google. However, this feature was not implemented at the time of the announcement, but both Spotify and Google have now begun to roll out User Choice Billing.

Users can now pay directly to Spotify instead of using the Google Play Payment Method. Because of User Choice Billing If the name doesn’t give it away, the new feature would simply allow users to pay for Spotify directly from their Android devices to Spotify. If you are unfamiliar, previously, payment had to be made through an in-app purchase, which meant that Google was also taking a cut.

You are now paying the service directly, rather than through Google. It is worth noting that users will still be able to use Google Play if they so desire. As a result, Spotify is the first company/service to implement such a feature, and both services have shared their details.

The streaming service has long advocated for this change, and it is encouraging to see that their efforts are finally bearing fruit. Google has also issued a statement, which you can read here. This is according to the company’s official statement. For years, Spotify has publicly advocated for platform fairness and expanded payment options.

There are currently over 2.7 million apps on the Google Play Store, and the majority of them have an in-app purchase system. Since Spotify is the first one, we will have to wait and see what other apps benefit from this payment system in the future.

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