Tasks to-do app gets major update with collaboration, more

Tasks to-do app update

The favorite to-do app for everyone is Tasks, which has undergone significant changes. This week, Tasks was updated to version 3.0, with new features including Tasks Cloud and collaboration along with a totally redesigned iOS app and macOS client.

After installing the update, current Tasks users will immediately notice the new design. A redesigned sidebar in the iPhone and iPad app makes it simpler to locate your projects and filters. The new design also makes it simpler to create a new job, and the task detail screen is more useful. Additionally, it also enhanced drag-and-drop functionality is fantastic for iPad owners.

The software has been totally rewritten from scratch for the Mac version. The developer claims that this made the program “feel more native to the platform.” Because of that, users should notice that navigating through the macOS app is now a lot better.

But Tasks 3.0 also has new functions in addition to the revamped interface. Tasks Cloud, a new method of synchronizing your tasks across all of your devices, is introduced in the update. Privacy was taken into consideration in the design. Users who don’t feel comfortable using the new cloud platform can continue to use iCloud Sync.

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