Reddit may force Apollo and third-party clients to shut down

Reddit may force third-party clients to shut down

Reddit is going to shut down third-party apps as Twitter did earlier this year. According to a new Reddit thread, Apollo, which has become the most feature-rich client, developer Christian Selig, shared some details about what Reddit is saying about its cost for the updated API.

Christian reassures that the cost would be reasonable but the new cost would be $12,000 per 50 million requests, which means the company has different ideas about reasonable. While Apollo does about 7 billion requests per month, that means $1.7 to $20 million per year for Apollo’s access.

Christian says that if I take only subscription users, those numbers would require doubling the membership cost of Apollo. He says further that with this change, Reddit is set to charge about 20 higher costs for third-party API calls than native users.

At that point, Christian does not look to give up Apollo, but some thinking is needed to the situation, hoping that there’s a way of solution, but Reddit already said that there’s no flexibility in the API pricing.

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