T-Mobile Reveals Data Breach Affecting 37 Million Accounts

T-Mobile Data Breach

T-Mobile is alerting users of a data breach in which “limited categories of information” from user accounts were obtained by a “bad actor.” The system fallbacks in place “prevented the most sensitive forms of consumer information from being accessed,” according to T-Mobile, who claims that it shut down this bad actor’s access to the data within 24 hours.

The largest of those data affected 50 million person breaches, which happened in August 2021. Personal information, including social security numbers, was exposed in that data incident.

Thankfully, at least for the time being, the data breach reported today did not involve that kind of private client information. No information was accessed for affected users, according to the company, “that would endanger the security of client accounts or finances.”

The amount of consumers who were harmed by this data leak is not disclosed in T-blog Mobile’s post on its website. According to the business, the breach compromised the client data for 37 million accounts.

In the end, this data leak doesn’t appear to be as serious as others that have affected T-Mobile. However, the fact that the corporation still deals with these security issues is unsettling.

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