Apple stops signing iOS 16.4.1 following iOS 16.5 release

Apple stops signing iOS 16.4.1

After the public release of iOS 16.5 a few days ago, Apple recently stopped signing iOS 16.4.1 and iPadOS 16.4.1. As a result, iPhone and iPad owners who are already using a newer version of iOS cannot downgrade to this operating system.

On April 7, iOS 16.4.1 was released to the public with some important security updates and bug fixes. One of the fixed vulnerabilities allowed third-party programs to run arbitrary code with kernel privileges, and a second vulnerability discovered in WebKit, the Safari engine, also allowed for the execution of malicious code.

iOS 16.5 was released a month after iOS 16.4.1, on May 18, with some enhancements and new features. Where added a Pride theme for the iPhone Lock Screen along with a Sports tab in Apple News. Bugs-related fixes are also done with iOS 16.5 like Spotlight, Carplay, and Screen Time.

Before WWDC 2023, when everyone’s expectation was for iOS 17 but Apple released iOS 16.6 beta that has no new features updates then the company focused on iOS 17. However, if you can downgrade iOS 16.6 to iOS 16.5 on your iPhone or iPad while iOS 16.4.1 or older version is not allowed.

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