iPhone worker bonuses were raised three times in one month

iPhone worker bonuses

It looks Like Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant, also known as iPhone City, is having trouble finding and keeping enough workers. According to reports, the business increased its employee bonuses for the iPhone three times in a month as it prepared for the iPhone 15’s mass manufacturing.

Last year’s bonuses were not proved much help, and the same thing in this year. As a result, it didn’t persuade workers to remain at the plant and no new workers attract to join it. So for this purpose, the company decides to give more money to the employees.

Even though the amounts appear not much by US standards, they amount to around a month’s worth of additional basic pay, or more than a 30% bonus for a three-month employee. For each additional employee they bring to the facility, they receive a recruitment bonus that is roughly equal to one week’s pay.

Following worries about the Taiwanese company’s huge expansion in India, the CEO of Foxconn recently reassured employees that the company had no plans to abandon its second-largest facility in Chengdu. Notably, Liu Young-way did not go so far as to promise that there would be no job losses in the city.

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