Apple pushes Dark Sky Holdouts to Switch to Apple Weather

apple weather app

Apple boasts that many of Dark Sky’s features “have been integrated into Apple Weather” in the support document. According to the company, this includes notifications, high-resolution radar, and hyperfocal forecasts for your current location. Its includes hourly forecasts for the next 10 days and next-hour precipitation as well.

The remainder of the support document is devoted to instructing Dark Sky users on how to use the Apple Weather app’s features and interface. Apple explains the app’s features in detail, including how to use the maps, handle notifications, and more.

Despite Apple’s assurances, some users aren’t sure Apple Weather is a good alternative to Dark Sky. Many Dark Sky claims that in terms of data, notifications, and other factors, Apple Weather still lags behind Dark Sky.

But one thing to keep in mind is that each weather app’s dependability can vary greatly depending on the location. Since a large portion of the Apple Weather app is based on Dark Sky data, there is little reason to believe that it will be less accurate than Dark Sky.

Dark Sky was even “notorious for being inaccurate for most locations,” according to one Reddit user. It’s important to try several different apps to get a sense of which is most accurate at your location. Because there are a number of other factors that affect how reliable weather data and notifications are.

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