DaVinci Resolve is Now Available for iPad

DaVinci Resolve

Apple teased the arrival of the popular professional video editor DaVinci Resolve(DR) to iPadOS. When it announced the new M2 iPad Pro in October. DaVinci Resolve for iPadOS is finally available on the App Store two months later, bringing desktop-level tools for editing videos on the iPad.

DaVinci Resolve is well-known for providing editing tools as well as advanced color correction adjustments. For years, the software has been available for macOS, Windows, and Linux, and now iPad users can benefit from it as well.

The interface has been completely adapted to the iPad’s touch screen. But it also appears very familiar to those who have previously worked with DaVinci Resolve on desktop platforms. Users can import existing projects from DR 18 or create new ones. Multi-user collaboration is also supported via Blackmagic Cloud.

When it comes to available features, DaVinci Resolve on the iPad provides nearly the same tools as the desktop version. Cut Page, Source Tape, Fast Review, Sync Bin, and other features are included. There are also options for adjusting video contrast, temperature, mid-tones, and saturation, as well as 3D trackers and HDR support.

The app, unsurprisingly, supports H.264, H.265, ProRes, and Blackmagic RAW codecs. Clips can be imported from iCloud, local storage, or an external USB-C drive. DaVinci Resolve for iPad, according to Blackmagic, has also been optimized to work with Apple Pencil and multi-touch trackpads, including the one built into Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

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