Apple Pulls new Home App Architecture in iOS 16.2

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The new Home app architecture is one of the new features of iOS 16.2, which was officially released to all users this month. According to Apple, this architecture improves the efficiency and dependability of using HomeKit accessories.

While the new architecture was supposed to improve user experience, it has turned out to be a nightmare for some. According to MacRumors, the Home app in iOS 16.2 no longer supports upgrading to the new architecture. This follows numerous reports of users experiencing problems with their HomeKit accessories following the upgrade.

Some users claim that their HomeKit devices became stuck in “updating” or “configuring” states. While others claim that their accessories simply vanished from the Home app. There have also been reports of people being unable to share their Home with other users, as well as HomeKit Secure Video no longer recording.

With the first beta of iOS 16.2, which was released to developers in October, the new Home app architecture was introduced. The upgrade was optional even in the final version of iOS 16.2 before the feature was removed. To upgrade the Home app to the new architecture, all Apple devices must be logged into iCloud. And running the most recent versions of iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Perhaps the feature will return with iOS 16.3, which is currently available as a beta. And will schedule for public release between February and March 2023.

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