According to a Recent Code Leak, Google may be Developing the Pixel Tablet Pro, but There are no Details Available

Google did not provide a preview of the Pixel Tablet Pro, but that does not mean the company is not developing that particular model. The advertising giant is reportedly invested in the tablet market, and the upcoming model will probably compete with the more expensive iPad Pro family at some point.

The Pixel Tablet specifications serve as a benchmark for the potential internal configuration of the “Pro.” version Kuba Wojciechowski discovered the Pixel Tablet Pro is in development while looking for code in Google’s Camera Go app. He also discovered that the Pixel 8 lineup for 2019 will support a new camera sensor and staggered HDR.

He learns this from a string marked “TangorPro.” Unfortunately, he can only give that much information about the tablet. It is safe to assume that the ‘Pro’ model is still in the early stages of development since Google hasn’t provided a preview.

The regular version is currently in the EVT stage, also known as the engineering validation stage, which means that the hardware and design are complete and additional testing is being conducted. We anticipate that the Pixel Tablet Pro could be shown off at the I/O 2023 keynote, providing more information about the slate’s features and design.

We can still make some predictions based on the various “pro” tablets we have seen over the years, despite the severe lack of information at this time. The Pixel Tablet Pro might have a slightly larger screen than the standard model, perhaps measuring 13 inches diagonally, giving users more screen space to complete a variety of tasks. In order to differentiate itself from the standard model, we also think it will have a dual-camera array at the back.

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