Just Before the Pixel 7 launch, Google is Discounting the Pixel 6A by $100

Just Before the Pixel 7 launch, Google is Discounting the Pixel 6A by $100

Google will disclose all of the information on its Pixel 7 smartphones and the Pixel Watch later this week, including the cost, specifications, and a release date. However, Google’s Pixel 6A is $100 cheaper than its regular $449 price, exceeding the lowest price by a significant margin if you’re searching for a deal on an existing model. Notably, the 6A has somewhat less RAM but the same Tensor CPU as the more expensive variants (6GB versus 8GB in the Pixel 6). There is a $59 discount on Amazon’s fourth-generation Echo smart speaker.

A fantastic deal that probably serves as a preview of what to expect for Amazon products during the company’s Prime Early Access Sale, which runs from Tuesday, October 11th, through Wednesday, October 12th. That seems like a wise use of $60, in my opinion. You may get one for $19 instead of the usual $29. 99.

A reasonable cost for a 1080p streaming gadget. In case you were wondering, this device is identical to the somewhat more expensive Chromecast 4K, which is also $10 cheaper at $39.99. If you haven’t used a Chromecast recently (or at all), this updated model comes with a voice remote so you can queue up your entertainment on the big screen without having to use your phone as a substitute dial.

The majority of what Chris Welch said about the 4K model should apply to this cheaper version, with performance perhaps being the exception. We’ll have a review of this model soon.

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