Apple Music Has Passed 100 Million Tracks

Apple Music

Apple Music has passed the 100 million song mark, with a threefold increase since its inception.

Apple has issued a press release announcing a new milestone for Apple Music. According to the company, Apple Music now has an extensive library of over 100 million songs. Apple, on the other hand, claims that its emphasis on human curation has never been stronger…

It’s an odd milestone to commemorate, but as Apple points out, the perspective is interesting:

Only 5,000 new albums were released each year in the 1960s. Today, any artist of any genre can write, record, and release a song anywhere in the world, in 167 countries and regions on Apple Music. Every day, over 20,000 singers and songwriters add new songs to Apple Music, making our catalog even better than it was the day before.

One hundred million songs demonstrate a more democratic space in which anyone, including a new artist making music in their bedroom, can have the next big hit.

Apple previously stated that Apple Music had a catalog of 75 million songs. It had a catalog of 30 million songs when it first launched in 2015. Spotify claims to have over 80 million songs in its library.

Apple also emphasizes that, despite having such a large catalog of songs, Apple Music remains the leader in human curation.

Human curation has always been at the heart of everything we do at Apple Music, visibly, as in our editorial playlists, and invisibly, as in the human touch that drives our service.

We know now, more than ever, that investing in human curation will be critical to becoming the best at connecting artists and audiences. Artists have continued to release music, and the number of songs has grown.

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