Apple Watch Ultra can Now Start Ski and Snowboard Workouts

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra has improved for skiers and snowboarders transitioning from the ocean to the snowy mountains. Thanks to the latest version of Slopes, Apple Watch Ultra users can now jump into a ski or snowboard workout with a press of the Action button.

With today’s update, Slopes becomes one of the first third-party apps to use the new Action button. It is the only device that currently has the Action button. After installing the most recent version of Slopes, Apple Watch Ultra users can assign the Action button to Slopes via the Settings app. Choose workout as the action, then Slopes as the app.

You can choose to only launch Slopes or to have the app start a workout for you. Slopes allow you to choose between Skies, Snowboard, and Other workout types to start automatically when you press the Action button. It can also pause a workout in Slopes by simultaneously pressing the Action and Side buttons.

The app can also “automatically figure out what resort you’re at when you start.” Slopes’ creators also mention that today’s update improves Siri support for starting workouts in the app. There’s a new option to automatically switch any Apple Watch to water lock mode when Slopes is used to start a workout. Disabling touch input on the Apple Watch until the Digital Crown is held for a few seconds, prevents accidental button presses in the app.

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