A Twitter Executive Got a Court Injunction to Prevent Elon Musk from Firing her


In response to an email sent by CEO Elon Musk, Sinead McSweeney, a global vice president of public policy for Twitter based in Ireland, claims she was locked out of her work accounts and office.

Musk sent the email shortly after taking control of Twitter on November 16th. Ang gives staff members just over a day to respond and confirm their desire to remain with the organization. Twitter stated that it would “treat that as a resignation” and would then provide two months of payroll with benefits. And one month of severance pay if an employee didn’t click “yes” on the form attached to the email.

MCS Sweeney allegedly never responded to the email. Because it failed to specify Musk’s expectations for workers who opted to stay.

Jennifer McSweeney of Twitter was granted an injunction by Justice Brian O’Moore on Friday. That prevented her from being fired but not restoring her employment. Next week, the case will be reviewed by the court.

Similar to McSweeney, she claims that Musk has been sending her “mixed messages”. And that he has been firing and rehiring staff “without any apparent logic.”

Prior to starting to ask some workers to return, Musk earlier this month fired about half of Twitter’s workforce.

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