TipTip Uses a Hyperlocal Strategy to Help Southeast Asian Creators Monetize


TipTip is a platform that allows local creators to earn money online by selling their work. It has raised $13 million in Series A funding. Albert Lucius founded it, and his previous startup, Kudo, was acquired by Grab in 2017. According to TipTip, the creator economy in Southeast Asia has a CAGR of 10% to 30%, based on research from Research and Markets, Digital Journal, and Statista.

According to Lucius, TipTip’s team noticed that after COVID, many people became accustomed to the idea of making money virtually. As interest in consuming digital content increased. TipTip, rather than advertisements, offers direct monetization channels through tipping and direct purchases.

The creator states, “We depend on our creators/promoters to keep using external platforms to engage their audiences, post updates, and advertise their free offerings there”. TipTip plans to expand its offline/online presence into 250 Indonesian cities and towns by the middle of next year.

TipTip’s funding round will be used in part to recruit new creators, promoters, and supporters. “We expect TipTip to continue its exponential growth trajectory. As a result of its hyperlocal strategy,” says Willson Cuaca of East Ventures. We anticipate TipTip’s exponential growth to continue, owing to its hyperlocal strategy. Which adapts extremely well to changing creator and customer behavior in the post-COVID era.”

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