Siri Pulled a False Alarm at the Gym: Caused 15 Armed to Show up

Siri False Alarm

Therefore, what occurred was quite unbelievable. A gym in Australia used an Apple Watch with Siri to contact emergency authorities, which led 15 armed police officers to arrive at the scene in anticipation of an active shooter. On Tuesday, Australia experienced what has to be the most improbable combination of circumstances for a false alarm.

The following are the specifics from News Corp Australia’s outlet: After about 15 armed police officers showed up at his gym while he was training a client, a personal trainer in Sydney was left in complete disbelief.

Jamie Alleyne, a 34-year-old Muay Thai fighter and boxing coach, was wearing his Apple Watch when it accidentally triggered Siri and dialed Emergency Services.

On Tuesday, as Jamie was working out with his client, a police officer reportedly entered the gym. It wasn’t immediately obvious what had transpired since the false alert was an honest mistake. First responders thought there had been a shooting incident, possibly a suicide, at the gym’s address. Thankfully, no one was hurt as a result of Siri’s false alarm.

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