Another iPhone 11 Survives a Week Underwater

iPhone 11 Survives a Week Underwater

Breno Rafael spotted a woman dying on the lake while kayaking there, according to G1 (via MacMagazine). Without thinking, the student dove into the river to help the woman. He realised he had misplaced his iPhone after bringing her to the lake’s edge.

He had given up on ever locating his phone, but then something unexpected happened. During a night dive with his students a week later on February 17, diving instructor Edinho Rocha discovered an iPhone seven meters underwater in the same lake.

“I tucked the iPhone inside the pocket of my vest. I assumed the phone had stopped working when I got to the surface. The screen was operational after that, said Rocha. The instructor then performed a search for him on social media and used the iPhone’s emergency menu to determine who owned the device.

The student went to Rocha to retrieve his iPhone after discovering the post about it online. Let’s check to see whether he can actually unlock the phone, the instructor said. Fortunately, the iPhone he discovered was the exact one Breno Rafael had thrown into the lake a week before.

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