Crash Detection False Alerts from Skiers Stress 911 Centers

Crash Detection false alerts

There is no doubt that Apple’s Crash Detection technology is saving lives, but there are still worries about the burden that false warnings are putting on 911 centers. According to one center, responding to erroneous Crash Detection signals from skiers and snowboarders might take a lot of time. According to reports, Apple is collaborating with 911 centers to better understand the problems.

Beginning in November, skiers and snowboarders reported erroneous Crash Detection alarms, with Park City, Utah serving as one example. When someone falls, the alarms are typically produced, although most of the time no one is hurt.

Suzie Butterfield stated that they receive “three to five emergency calls from the Apple technology per day. She claimed that none of the calls she has received have been intentionally triggered.

Apple has made steps to fix the problem and stated that it is gathering input on these erroneous notifications from 911 centers to determine what else it can do. While it’s understandable to worry about the increased pressure on 911 centers, the majority of emergency services employees say they’d rather err on the side of caution and get too many false alarms than miss actual ones.

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