New Apple Silicon Mac Pro will Look Identical to the Current Model

Apple Silicon Mac Pro

Mark Gurman reiterates his reporting that plans for a high-end Apple Silicon Mac Pro had been scrapped in today’s Power On newsletter.

Additionally, Gurman claims that since the Apple Silicon Mac Pro will just use an M2 Ultra chip and will appear exactly like the present Intel Mac Pro, users shouldn’t anticipate any significant design changes. Additionally, the product will not support RAM expansion, as the Apple Silicon architecture ties all memory to the M2 chip.

Users should anticipate being able to update the SSD size, GPU, and networking capabilities in terms of expandability. In contrast to the upcoming M2 Ultra Mac Studio, which does not allow for any expansion, this will be the key selling feature.

The computer, according to Gurman, contains slots for networking, media, graphics, and two more SSDs. Despite missing its initial 2022 debut date, the M2 Mac Pro is still anticipated to go on sale before the year is over.

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