The New Twitter Regime has Idea for Slowing Down $8 Verification Abuse


While Twitter experiences prolonged growing pains, the new administration—or at the very least, someone with access to the Twitter Blue FAQ—is thinking of ways to stop paid verification abuse.

Twitter has added a new restriction to the launch of its Blue subscription service. This will return later this month, as noticed by The Verge. Twitter intends to put in place a 90-day waiting period before newly created accounts. And this can sign up for paid verifications, at least as of this moment.

On its About Twitter Blue page, it states that “Newly created Twitter accounts will not be able to subscribe to Twitter Blue for 90 days. In the future, at our discretion, we “may also impose waiting periods for new accounts without notice.”

Theoretically, this restriction will prevent users from setting up new accounts solely for the purpose of impersonation. It takes more dedication to set up an account for $8 verification abuse three months before you intend to abuse $8 verification.

The 90-day restriction also pushes the issue of users creating accounts for the purpose of abusing instant verification to March-2023. This should at least partially lessen the $8 verification abuse when Twitter Blue launches this time. It does not, however, stop accounts that already exist from getting their identities changed by buying verification.

However, it is encouraging that Elon Musk has decided to take a chill pill and give $8 verification more thought. When Twitter Blue reappears, it’s not a given that the new version will include identity. But it’s possible that the plan to fix the car while it’s speeding down the freeway is being shelved.

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