Google Keeps iMessage in Mind for iPhone to Pixel 7 Switchers

iPhone pixal 7

Google has made a lot of noise about RCS and iMessage in recent months. And the iPhone-only solution is front and center as the company launches a Pixel 7-holiday push aimed at switchers.

Google published “4 ways that switching to Pixel is easier ” this afternoon, coinciding with the start of Black Friday sales. The blog post is aimed squarely at people who are “eying a Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro as a gift. However, switching from an iOS device to a Pixel seems more like a hassle than a gift. Prior to the release of the iPhone 14, Apple took a similar action.

Google is addressing concerns across four tentpoles, with a different emphasis on gifting than in previous years when it communicated directly to the consumer.

Simply connect your old phone to your Pixel 7, and your selected data will be transferred over. And the entire procedure takes approximately 30 minutes on average!

The high-level takeaway for prospective 7 and 7Pro buyers and gifters is that “Your Pixel can send and receive messages.

When making the switch, we recommend that you deregister your phone number from iMessage. It is to ensure that iMessage does not intercept your messages.

RCS should be supported by iOS, but Apple has no incentive to make iMessage work with Android.

Meanwhile, when switching from iCloud Photos to Google Photos, the company refers to A subtle jab is made at the fact that Google Accounts provide 15GB of storage, or “three times as much storage as you may be used to. ICloud’s continued use of 5GB despite the fact that it has been around for years.

The recommended transfer method is to connect your old iPhone via cable to the new Pixel 7. 

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