Reddit Threatens to Remove Moderators From Subreddits Continuing Apollo-Related Blackouts

Reddit Threatens Remove subreddit Moderator

As subreddits protest Reddit’s high API prices, the platform warns moderators of potential replacement to maintain spaces “open and accessible.” Reddit cites its Moderator Code of Conduct, stating a duty to keep relied-upon communities operational. Moderators refusing to reopen private subreddits will be removed.

Between Monday and Wednesday, popular subreddits participated in a blackout to protest API changes, impacting third-party Reddit apps like Apollo. Some subreddits, including r/Apple, continue the blackout indefinitely, denying access to millions of users. Reddit plans to remove participating moderation teams.

CEO Steve Huffman claims the blackouts have had no significant revenue impact and dismisses the protests as passing noise. Huffman says Reddit’s API was never meant for third-party apps and does not add value. Reddit stands by its API pricing plan and won’t force communities to reopen.

In a blog post, Reddit highlights “dissent, debate, and discussions” but cites the Moderator Code of Conduct to remove moderation teams. Users criticize Reddit for unreasonable API fees and a short adoption timeline.

Apollo developer Christian Selig faces a $20 million annual cost, leading to the app’s shutdown on June 30. Few third-party apps will remain after July 1, redirecting users to the Reddit website or app.

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