Apple Froze Hiring for Several Departments Back in October in an Effort to cut Costs

Apple has taken precautions to ease itself into the upcoming year gradually, cutting costs while also putting a hiring freeze in place. Apple is no stranger to a sluggish economy.

The Apple Hiring Pause Did Not Affect Research and Development Positions According to a Bloomberg report from earlier, Apple would slow down the pace at which it hires potential employees because it anticipates a somewhat gloomy economic outlook for 2023.

Now, in an effort to cut costs, the company is reportedly pausing hiring. However, this decision does not affect teams working on future devices, which was necessary because, otherwise, it might have affected the launch of the rumored AR headset as well as other devices like a full Mac lineup with cutting-edge 3nm SoCs.

The decision to halt hiring will have an impact on corporate functions, conventional hardware, and software engineering positions, although the report states that Apple can still hire staff under specific circumstances.

The business stated in the statement below that while it is optimistic about the future, the decisions it is making are deliberate. Apple recently reported $90.15 billion in revenue, which is significant, during its earnings call. However, other facts paint a much clearer picture of a less promising future.

For instance, the tech giant’s Mac revenue is rumoured to be growing at a slower rate, and Apple was forced to reduce production of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus due to low demand, which could result in lower revenue for the upcoming quarter. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which CEO Tim Cook previously stated were extremely popular to the point where Apple had to make efforts to ensure that demand was meeting supply, are thankfully a reliable source of income for the company.

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