Google DeepMind Co-Founder joins Microsoft as CEO of its new AI Division

Google DeepMind Co-Founder joins Microsoft as CEO of its new AI Division

Microsoft has taken a big step forward in its AI initiatives by appointing Mustafa Suleyman to lead its newly created consumer AI division. Mustafa is the co-founder of DeepMind and the former CEO of Inflection AI. He will also hold the position of Executive Vice President and CEO of Microsoft AI. With his extensive experience in developing groundbreaking AI technologies, Mustafa is expected to make a significant contribution to Microsoft’s AI efforts.

The new unit, dubbed Microsoft AI, will oversee consumer-facing products like Copilot, Bing, and Edge. Suleyman’s appointment underscores Microsoft’s commitment to advancing AI capabilities across its platforms.

Suleyman, known for his visionary leadership, co-founded DeepMind in 2010, later acquired by Google, and subsequently ventured into Inflection AI before joining Microsoft. His extensive background in AI research and development makes him a valuable addition to Microsoft’s leadership team.

Alongside Suleyman, Karen Simonyan, co-founder of Inflection AI, will serve as the chief scientist for Microsoft AI, further bolstering the company’s AI expertise.

Microsoft’s strategic move highlights its dedication to innovation and ensuring that AI benefits everyone worldwide. With Suleyman at the helm, Microsoft is poised to make significant strides in the AI landscape, delivering cutting-edge solutions while prioritizing safety and responsibility.

The appointment comes amidst Microsoft’s ongoing investments in AI partnerships, including a $13 billion collaboration with OpenAI. As AI continues to shape the future of technology, Microsoft’s initiatives under Suleyman’s leadership promise to drive meaningful advancements in consumer AI experiences.

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