Apple bans its employees from using ChatGPT for work

Apple bans ChatGPT for work

OpenAI released today the official ChatGPT app for iPhone that answering users’ question and solving every type of issues. However, Apple stops their employees from using such tools, and said that the generative AIs shouldn’t be used for work.

According to a document by Wall Street Journal, these AIs company is concerned about confidential data collecting from employees. Apple also banned its employees from using GitHub’s Copilot, by which developers can automate the writing of codes.

ChatGPT sends data, that’s collected from users, to the developers of the company and with the data, they continue to improve AI models. As WSJ noted that a bug (in March) users to see the chat history of other users of ChapGPT, and then ChatGPT added one more option with which users can remove their chat history and AI cann’t be trained.

But in this scenario, Apple is not sure whether their codes or confidential data such as emails are secure or leaking, or even the developers behind AI using their data. Other companies, such as JPMorgan Chase, Verizon, and Amazon, also banned such AIs models. According to WSJ, Amazon asked its engineer to use its own AI instead of third-party. The report also mentions that Apple is working on its own AI model for its engineers and employees.

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