The manufacturing cost of Apple’s headset exceeds $1500 per unit

Apple's headset cost $1500 per unit

Wellsen XR reported the Bill of Materials (BoM) for the upcoming mixed reality headset, which shows the components cost Apple around $1,400, and with the shipping cost, it becomes $1,600 per unit. The expectation for the headset is it may be equipped with Apple’s M2 Chip, 12GB of Ram, 512GB SSD, Bluetooth 5.3, and Wi-Fi 6 as well.

The report also mentions that the most expensive component among all could be OLED displays, which may cost between $280 & $320. The camera with 14 lenses is also expensive, around $160.

Brad Lynch, an expert on another XR device, noted that it’s no more expensive than Meta Quest Pro, which was launched for $1,500 but later cut to $999. This shows that Meta makes around $250 per unit of its headset.

Apple, on the other hand, is known for its high-profit margin. Even though they considered selling the device at a cost that attracts customers and was competitive as well, this was scrapped. Because Apple spends on an iPhone 14 Pro Max $500 and starts in stores at $1,099, if look at this margin, then the headset may be around $3,000 for customers.

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