Bug Causing Apple Devices to Constantly Ask for Apple ID Password

Apple Devices to Constantly Request Apple ID Password

Apple’s online services have been plagued by outages this month, and it appears that a new problem has arisen. Multiple consumers have reported that their smartphones are constantly prompting them for their Apple ID password. Even after entering the password, the system alerts users that their login attempt was unsuccessful.

According to 9to5Mac readers and multiple Twitter users, the problem has been prompting Apple devices to repeatedly request the Apple ID password. Users were even logged out of their Apple IDs in certain situations and were unable to log back in. According to one customer, his Apple TV+ subscription “disappeared” out of nowhere, rendering him unable to utilize the platform.

At this time, it is unknown how many users are affected by the bug. When searching for “Apple ID” on Twitter, the majority of claims of problems come from users in Brazil and Japan, suggesting that today’s outage may have just affected a few regions.

Apple’s System Status page, which alerts users when one of the company’s online platforms is down, does not mention any issues with Apple ID. Earlier this month, Apple’s Weather app was unavailable for several days, with intermittent slowdowns. On April 5, several Apple online services were unreachable for consumers for several hours.

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