Buffet says Apple is the best company of any he owns

Buffet says Apple is the best company

Today at the annual meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, CEO, and chairman Warren Buffett spoke about Apple. Along with calling the business the best that his conglomerate has, he also asserts that consumers now value iPhones more than a second automobile. Here are his opinions on the reasons behind Apple’s dominance, the amount of AAPL shares Berkshire owns, and other topics.

Since 2016, Apple stock has increased in value thanks to Berkshire Hathaway, the investment corporation founded by Warren Buffett. Even though he has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t comprehend gadgets like the iPhone — including today — he does understand consumer behavior and how devoted Apple fans are.

Last month, Buffett said in an interview that he believes Apple fans wouldn’t give up their iPhone for $10,000 in an effort to highlight the strength of that commitment.

Over time, Buffett’s belief in Apple has risen. In the year 2020, he proclaimed Apple to be “probably the best business in the world.”

Today, he dropped the “probably,” making it obvious that he thinks Apple is the best. He also claimed that Apple is superior to whatever Berkshire fully owns, calling it “a better business than any we own.”

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