Apple plans OLED iPad for first half of 2024

Apple plans OLED iPad for first half of 2024

According to recent rumours, Apple plans to release the first iPad with an OLED display in the first half of 2024. The first iPad Pro models that use OLED will be the 12.9-inch and 11-inch variants. The remainder of the iPad lineup may then adopt the display technology at a lower price point.

Ross Young, an analyst, and Bloomberg are trustworthy sources that have verified this timetable. According to the most recent Bloomberg story, Apple is preparing a “major iPad Pro revamp” for spring 2024 that will have an updated design and OLED panels.

OLED has various disadvantages, such as burn-in and brightness levels. However, Young claims that Apple is preparing a distinctive strategy for OLED that may help allay some of those worries.

Young claims that Apple will make use of “tandem stack” OLED display technology. In comparison to conventional OLED panels, this technology can increase brightness, prolong the life of the display, and consume about 30% less power. To further boost efficiency, it is also said that these devices would have displays with variable refresh rates.

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