Tim Cook says Generative AI is ‘Huge’ but has Issues

Tim Cook praises AI but acknowledging Issues

Users and even some Apple workers have been critical of the company for being behind the times with Siri. Apple CEO Tim Cook praised the potential of AI on Thursday as the company released its Q2 2023 financial results, but he also acknowledged that there are “issues that need to be sorted.”

During a conference call with investors, Shannon Cross of Credit Suisse questioned Tim Cook about Apple’s position on generative AI because it is “more than the topic of the day.” Naturally, Cook stated he wouldn’t comment on product roadmaps, but the CEO acknowledged that generative AI’s potential “is certainly very interesting.”

The CEO outlined some of Apple’s successes in the AI field, including how the company used the technology to develop functions like Fall Detection, Crash Detection, and the ECG in the Apple Watch. These qualities are not just fantastic; they are also saving lives, according to Cook.

However, Apple’s CEO stated that there are “a number of issues that need to be sorted, as is being talked about in a number of different places” with regard to AI platforms like ChatGPT. Apple, he continued, regards artificial intelligence as “huge” and would keep investing in related technology for its devices.

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