Alleged cyber attack on Tik Tok, Data of More Than 1 Billion Users in Danger

tiktok data breach

Cybersecurity researchers have warned that an alleged attempt to hack video-sharing app TikTok could hack and steal the data of more than one billion users.

According to some news agencies, the data leak first surfaced on a hacking forum in which hackers claimed to have accessed a TikTok user that has the personal information of more than one billion TikTok users. The alleged hackers have claimed to have access to around 34 GB of data of TikTok users.

The reports were confirmed after Microsoft issued a warning about the weak security of TikTok’s Android app, stating that attackers could access users’ accounts via a link.

“We have to decide whether to sell it (the data) to us or release it to the public,” wrote user Against the Waste on the Breach Forums message board.

He further said that the data of about 1.37 billion accounts have been obtained. These accounts are from all over the world. This data contains a large amount of content from younger people.

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