The Smallest Voice Recorder, Weighing only 18 Grams

Voice recorder EasyRack

In Hong Kong, the world’s smallest voice recorder is invented which is going through ‘Crowd Funding. Till now, it is known as the smallest sound record weighing only 18 grams. The voice recorder is a little bigger than a postage stamp. It has a capacity of 32 GB.

Voice recorder ‘EasyRack’ will have two sensitive HD mics that can record every sound in a 360-degree circle from a distance of seven meters. There is no issue regarding the battery and energy as it can last up to 50 days on a single charge.

The battery is saved through smart sensors. Its sensitive system is activated only in case of sound and thus no energy and time is lost. If there is no sound within 7 meters then the system will stop the recordings. 

EasyRack can be charged with a USB Type-C cable and through Bluetooth technology, users can transfer data between devices.

To eliminate the noise from a sound recording, its smart system has the capability to remove it from the actual sound. 

Till now, there are two models of the Easy Rack are released. One of which is slightly larger at two inches long and about 1.7 inches wide and it is named Easy Rack Mini. It is equipped with a 450 mAh battery.

It is expected that EasyRack will be available in October 2022. We will see more about this amazing invention once we see it in the market. 

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