iOS 17 DockKit API integrates camera apps with motorized stands

iOS 17 DockKit API camera apps with motorized stands

iOS 17 brings updates with new APIs that were demonstrated at a WWDC 2023 session, one of them is DockKit, which will allow accessory manufacturers to integrate motorized iPhone stands with camera apps, opening up new possibilities for creators and filmmakers.

The company claims that its app can automatically track subjects in live video within a 360-degree field of view. It also allows users to customize framing by taking direct control of the stand and controlling the motors. Users can provide their own inference model for tracking other objects.

Developers can alter the behavior of the integration with the motorized stand by utilizing the Vision framework, which uses algorithms and machine learning to recognize things like faces, landmarks, text, and objects. The user can select whether to follow the face of a human or an animal, for instance, using the app.

Apple highlights the numerous applications for video capture in the new DockKit API. This covers business, education, healthcare, and fitness. DockKit also integrates with any apps that use the iOS camera API. This implies that the majority of apps won’t require an update to utilize this new functionality. Of course, it needs motorized stands that are suitable.

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