iPhone Subreddit Starting Protest early, going Dark Indefinitely

iPhone Subreddit Protest

One of the most prominent Apple-related subreddits has stated it will begin its protest early in response to Reddit’s announcement of its higher API prices for developers, which are killing off third-party programmes like Apollo. Further, the moderators have stated that it won’t just be for a short period of time; rather, they intend to shut down the iPhone subreddit until “a reasonable resolution is proposed.”

Reddit’s revised API was discussed in detail at the end of May when Christian Selig, an Apollo developer, said that the firm was demanding $20 million a year to maintain his programme.

Last week, as the news spread and Reddit moderators debated what to do about the company’s illogical decisions, hundreds of subreddits planned a protest for June 12 that will see much of the website go dark.

Christian Selig formally confirmed on June 8 that Apollo will have to close at the end of June. The following day, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman had a catastrophic AMA on the platform.

The iPhone subreddit was set to become “private indefinitely” on June 12 for the protest, but following the AMA with Huffman, iPhoneMods announced today that it will go “private indefinitely” on June 11.

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