Untitled Goose Game Rejected Twice by Apple’s Mac App Store

Goose Game Rejected Twice by Apple

Apple has twice turned down the macOS version of Untitled Goose Game, according to Sasser, who stated this in a post on Mastodon (via Daring Fireball). First, the reviewer disapproved of the game since they felt that there was no way to bypass the credits. The developer said, “We emphasized that you may bypass the credits by holding space.

A second review request for the macOS game has been made. Apple, however, once more rejected the game, citing “something else.” According to Sasser, the developers “simply gave up and never bothered to resubmit” at that point. Using Steam and the Epic Games Store, the game was made available to Mac users.

There have long been rumors about Apple being unresponsive to game developers. The App Store Review staff “couldn’t handle the volume of games coming in,” according to a former editor of App Store games who wrote an article for The Guardian.

Developers are “treated with disrespect,” the former employee claims, and the majority of them have a “horror story with their game being repeatedly denied for an unjustified reason.” According to the report, Apple does virtually little to encourage game creators to submit top-notch titles to the App Store.

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