WhatsApp Blocked Millions of Indians’ Accounts


In the month of August, the mobile messaging application WhatsApp blocked millions of Indian accounts that have Indian numbers.

On Saturday, Meta’s subsidiary announced that the company blocked 2.328 thousand accounts in August. Which is, however, lower than the number of accounts that were blocked in July.

WhatsApp stated in its monthly report that from August 1, 2022, to August 31, 2022, 23 lakh 28 thousand WhatsApp accounts were blocked. Ten lakh eight thousand accounts were suspended before user complaints were received.

WhatsApp blocked over 2.2 million Indian accounts in June using its violation detection system and complaint submission channel.

Previously, 1.9 lakh accounts were blocked in May, 1.6 lakh in April, and 1.85 lakh in March.

Tougher cyber laws enacted last year necessitate the publication of a monthly compliance report detailing complaints received and actions taken by major digital platforms (those with more than 5 million users). I’ve heard about it.

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