Microsoft Office will Soon Gain GPT-4 AI with new ‘Copilot’ Feature

Microsoft Office will Soon Gain GPT-4 AI

Microsoft has announced that its productivity software, Microsoft Office, will soon incorporate OpenAI’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology, GPT-4. The AI-powered “Copilot” feature will be integrated into Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook, offering assistance in writing documents, summarising meetings, finding milestones, and analysing risk. 

The technology can generate entire documents, emails, and slide decks from the knowledge gained from scanning corporate files and listening to conference calls. The company is testing the technology with 20 companies, including eight Fortune 500 companies. The Copilot feature is set to debut in the coming months. Another new feature will be the Business Chat app, which combines a chatbot and personal assistant for office workers. 

The app can summarise meetings, find project milestones, list risks, suggest mitigations, and create a slideshow. Microsoft is investing more than $10bn in its efforts with OpenAI. Users will be warned to check the AI’s work if it hasn’t been edited by a human.

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