Kuo: iPhone SE 4 Might be Canceled or Delayed

iPhone SE 4

We’ve been hearing rumors about the upcoming iPhone SE, Apple’s entry-level smartphone, for the past few months. The release of the iPhone SE 4 appears to be a long way off, and now analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple is even thinking about scrapping or at least delaying the mass production of the new device until 2024.

Apple “will probably cancel or delay the mass production plan for the 2024 iPhone SE 4,” Kuo predicted on Twitter. Low demand for entry-level and mid-range iPhone models, including the current third-generation iPhone SE, iPhone 13 mini, and iPhone 14 Plus, is one of the reasons, according to the analyst.

As a result of these iPhone models’ inferior appeal compared to competing products priced similarly, Apple has reportedly been having trouble selling them. Despite the supply issues that have been plaguing the Pro lineup, the highest demand this year is for the iPhone 14 Pro models.

But that isn’t the only reason Apple might be thinking about scrapping its plans to introduce a new iPhone SE. Adding a full-screen design to the device will result in a significant increase in production costs, Kuo added on Twitter. The 4.7-inch LCD panel with a Home button and Touch ID on the current iPhone SE model is still based on the same design as the iPhone 8.

For comparison, the US price of the iPhone SE 3 is $429, while the price of the iPhone 12, the least expensive model in the lineup with a full-screen design, is $599.

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