Microsoft Authenticator for Apple Watch to be Discontinued

Microsoft Authenticator

Numerous significant third-party apps have abandoned the watchOS App Store in recent years. And it appears that this issue is still present. This time, Microsoft has declared that the Apple Watch will no longer be compatible with its two-step verification app, “Microsoft Authenticator.”

Microsoft stated on a support page that the companion watchOS app will be removed in a Microsoft Authenticator iOS app update due in January 2023. As a result, Apple Watch owners won’t be able to use the device to access the service anymore.

The company asserts that the Apple Watch operating system is “incompatible with Authenticator security features,” which is why it decided to discontinue the watchOS app.

Additionally, Microsoft advises users who still have Authenticator installed on their Apple Watches to remove it. Because it is scheduled to stop functioning starting in one month.

It’s important to note that only the watchOS version of the app is impacted by this. So users can continue to use Microsoft Authenticator on iPhones and iPad.

According to the Company:

There won’t be a watchOS companion app in the upcoming Authenticator release for iOS in January 2023. Because it conflicts with Authenticator security features. As a result, Authenticator cannot be set up or used on Apple Watch. So, we advise you to remove Authenticator from your Apple Watch. You can still use Authenticator on your other devices because this change only affects Apple Watch.

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